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détective privé agréé escroquerie, abus de faiblesse, abus de confiance, corruption, procap détective, enquêtes pénales, surveillances et filatures, recherche de preuves, justice, procédure

Criminal Offenses & Vicious Abuse

Private detective - Investigations for Fraud, Breach of trust, Abuse of weakness, Counterfeiting, Corruption, Sectarian drift

You are a victim or want to report a crime of fraud, breach of trust, abuse of weakness or any other offence of a vile nature? The agency PROCAP DETECTIVE is competent to know your case, and help you identify and confuse the author(s), and establish the evidence of offences of which you are victims.

Fraud, fraudulent abuse (breach of trust, weakness, misappropriation of funds), counterfeiting, corruption or manipulation with a sectarian dimension, constitute a category of specific criminal offences, generally referred to as "vile offences". Indeed, without however supporting the same legal characteristics or involving the same penal responses, they nevertheless have in common the implementation of occult, sophisticated mechanisms and entail highly fatal consequences, both morally, heritage, but also societal.

As accredited private detectives, our investigations in these areas are not intended to replace public action, but to prepare it upstream, or to complete it downstream. Indeed, our role consists in finding and compiling evidence that will help the victim file a complaint, or as additional information once the justice is seized. As accredited private detective-investigators, we have a specific expertise whose added value will allow the support of a personal action and provide it with all the necessary weight to drive with force and diligence public action. 

Depending on the qualification chosen, we may need to:

  • Gather evidence to support the characterization of the offence

  • Identify the alleged perpetrator(s)

  • Detect and expose any occult maneuvers

  • Determine the underlying procedures and techniques

  • Search for elements of personal participation in networks, groups, or organized bands

  • Search for any antecedents, serial recurrences or similarities

Our discretion, our independence and our pragmatic know-how on the ground are a real asset in the detection, fight or prevention of criminal offences of a vile nature.  

Scam Investigation

Abuse of Weakness Investigation or "Offence of Fraudulent Abuse of Ignorance or Weakness"

Breach of Trust Investigation

Sectarian Drift Investigation

Counterfeiting Investigation

Corruption Investigation

agence procap détective aide victime enquêtes pénales détective privé toulon
escroquerie et corruption
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