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Adultery & Infidelity

Private investigator licensed to investigate adultery, infidelity and divorce

Adultery & Infidelity

How PROCAP DETECTIVE can help you

We seek and establish evidence of infidelity and extra-marital relationship so that you can act in court and effectively defend your interests in the context of a divorce or a break in Pacs

Do you suspect your spouse or partner is unfaithful? Do you want to initiate divorce proceedings for misconduct or termination of PACS contract, or simply know the truth in order to make the right decisions?


In marriage, infidelity constitutes a violation of the duties and obligations of marriage, as set out in Article 212 of the Civil Code. It is in principle a cause of divorce within the meaning of Article 242 of the Civil Code. Adultery, whether occasional (one-night encounter, flirting), recurrent (long-term relationship), physical (fleshly relationship) or even virtual (dating site, extramarital relationship at a distance) is considered to constitute a violation of the duty of fidelity, that may be sanctioned by the pronouncement of divorce to the exclusive wrongs of the offending spouse.


In the PACS, infidelity is considered "disloyalty" towards the other partner, it is incompatible with the provisions of the Civil Code governing the PACS contract and the obligation of "common life" set out in Article 515-1 of the Civil Code. The aggrieved partner is entitled to bring an action for termination of the PACS and an action for damages for damages resulting from the misconduct of the other partner. However, whether in marriage or in a civil union, it is up to the applicant to prove the alleged facts.


The investigations we conduct are intended to be effective and detailed. We carry them out in all discretion, and ensure their admissibility under the law. Our diligence allows you, on the one hand, to remove any doubt regarding the presumptions of unfaithfulness of your spouse, and on the other hand, to build a solid and convincing file for an action in divorce or for breach of the PACS.

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