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Addiction - Behavioral deviations

Private investigator approved for investigation into addiction and behavioral excesses

Addiction and behavioral drift

How PROCAP DETECTIVE can help you

We carry out investigations in order to confirm or deny a situation of addiction, radicalization, marginalization, or any change in behavior, and help you make the right decisions with full knowledge of the facts.

A member of your entourage is experiencing radical changes and would like to know the causes? Drugs, alcoholism, prostitution, radicalization, sectarian indoctrination, or simply loss of socio-emotional reference points... As investigative professionals, we can help you understand such changes and give you the keys to foresee adequate family and institutional responses.


Indeed, the investigation processes that we put in place in complete discretion make it possible to identify the causes of changes in behavior, the human or contextual factors carrying risks, and to offer you solutions for a beneficial exit from the crisis. We can also research and determine whether there are any infringing elements underlying the change observed, and report them if necessary. Our investigations are carried out with strict respect for the human person, the law and the ethics of the investigative professions.

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