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détective privé arrêt maladie absif, contrôle salarié, vérification cv, vol en entreprise, preuve détective privé procap detective agence cabinet de détective privé toulon

Labour court inquiries

Private detective - Abusive sick leave, Hidden work, Employee activity control, Non-competition clause, CV check, Theft in the company, Unjustified taking of documents, Radicalization in the company...

Having trouble with one of your employees? Abusive sick leave, undeclared work, breach of non-competition clause, theft in a company, breach of contract by taking an unjustified act, unfair behaviour or disorder related to radicalisation.... Defend your interests with PROCAP DETECTIVE.

The agency PROCAP DETECTIVE has specific skills to intervene in the resolution of problems arising in the field of labour law, and promote the success of your procedure

As investigative professionals, we ensure the implementation of effective and discreet responses, fully adapted to the economic and legal context of your case and the height of the interests at stake.

Whether in the context of amicable negotiations, disciplinary measures, dismissal or filing a complaint, the investigations carried out by the firm PROCAP DETECTIVE allow you, to gather the evidence constituting the fault or offence committed and to use it lawfully to assert your rights and protect your interests.

Our information and investigation solutions are often a strong lever for the company to resolve a crisis situation with one of its employees. We want our responses to be effective, up to the stakes, and in line with your economic, structural or sectoral specificities. That is why we are committed to you and aim above all to the success of your business and the safeguarding of your interests.

As accredited private detectives, we have the necessary legal, methodological and technical skills that will help you in the materialization of the alleged acts, for the defense of your interests, and this in full compliance withThe Court of First Instance held that the Court of First Instance had no jurisdiction over the rules and standards of social law. Our legal expertise allows us to collaborate with your legal counsel with ease and synergy, for optimal success and a guaranteed result in a disciplinary or litigation procedure.

Investigation for Wrongful sick leave

Survey for Undeclared work by employee

Investigation for Non-competition Clause Violation

Survey for Corporate Theft

Survey for Breach of trust per employee

Investigation for Wrongful Act of Termination


Investigation for CV Verification

Survey for Radicalisation in companies

procap détective enquête et investigations Détective privé - Arrêt-maladie abusif, Contrôle d'activité, Vérification de CV, Vol en entreprise, Prise d'acte injustifiée, Radicalisation en entreprise...
enquêtes prud'hommes
agence procap detective toulon détective privé agréé enquêtes investigations surveillances

PROCAP DETECTIVE is here to meet you and study your project

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