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Business investigations

Private detective - Unfair competition action, Non-compliance with non-competition clause, Unfair breach of contract, Counterfeiting, anti-competitive practices

Unfair competition, non-compliance with a non-competition clause, abuse of a dominant position, unlawful commercial agreements, abusive breach of a commercial contract. One of these practices harms your business and jeopardizes the sustainability of your business? Defend your interests with PROCAP DETECTIVE.


The agency PROCAP DETECTIVE has specific skills to intervene in the resolution of problems arising in the field of competition and business law, and effectively promote the success of your procedure.


As licensed detectives and investigative professionals, we ensure the implementation of effective and discreet responses, fully adapted to the economic and legal context of your case and the height of the interests at stake.


Our information and investigation solutions are most often an essential support allowing you to resolve the dispute, the conviction of the perpetrators and the compensation of the damage suffered. Our responsiveness and investment in the field of investigation and search for evidence are an asset in your strategy.


We typically leverage the full legal arsenal available and leverage our own proven intelligence expertise to drive optimal business outcomes and success.

Investigation for action in unfair competition

Investigation for Non-competition Clause Violation

Investigation for Abusive breach of commercial contract

Counterfeit Investigation

Investigation for Anti-competitive Practices and Unlawful Agreements

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Concurrence déloyale
agence procap detective toulon détective privé agréé enquêtes investigations surveillances

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