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Surveillance & tracking services

Private detective - 24/7 discreet surveillance, car-motorcycle surveillance in France or abroad, infiltration...

Would you like to contact the PROCAP DETECTIVE agency for a one-time or recurring surveillance or follow-up operation? We are at your disposal to study your request and provide you with all the answers to your questions.


The firm PROCAP DETECTIVE carries out the missions of surveillance and discreet surveillance at your request and according to your instructions and provides you at the end of the mission a detailed and detailed "Report", accompanied by photographs and videos crystallizing the facts observed. This report can be used in court as a procedural document, to assert your rights, or enlighten you on a given situation to allow you to make the right decisions in full knowledge of the facts.


Surveillance and human tracking are an integral part of our job as a private detective, they are essential components and require real human and professional know-how, as well as adapted equipment.

Surveillance and monitoring of individuals are investigative techniques regularly used by the PROCAP DETECTIVE agency. Framed by the law, they consist of legally and discreetly following an individual, against whom there are legitimate suspicions, and lead to the establishment of visual and direct statements relating to his actions, his associations, the places visited, its movements and routes, etc.

In the context of legal proceedings, findings resulting from surveillance and surveillance serve as evidence in support of a request on the mode of testimony, and are intended to materialize or characterize facts or situations, to base presumptions or support legal argument on evidence. Surveillance and surveillance is a delicate and highly technical exercise, requiring human skills, undeniable professional qualities and appropriate equipment.

Depending on the mission object and context, but also on the operational environment and the habits of the person being monitored, monitoring can be carried out either statically (observation point, underwater vehicle) or dynamically (stalking on foot, by car or motorbike). They may also mobilize one or more officers. Whatever the operational conditions, surveillance and surveillance are always carried out with absolute discretion, for an objective, convincing and optimal result.

détective privé surveillance filature
Surveillance filature
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