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honoraires et tarifs de détective privé


Transparent fees - Fully personalized projects

How do we estimate the cost of an investigation?

After an interview (telephone or at our agency), we first collect information relating to your case and contextualize it. We define together the legal contours of your problem, and develop an effective and comprehensive investigation strategy, which integrates your objectives, your constraints and expectations. Depending on the characteristics of your case (its legal framework, its level of complexity, the nature of the information requested, the evidentiary needs inherent to your procedure, the human, operational and material resources necessary), we estimate a budget of hours (or of days) of optimal investigation to achieve your objectives and offer you a "global package" which is intended to be best suited to your needs and capacities.

Each investigation request is the subject of a clear, detailed quote agreed with the principal. It integrates with precision, simplicity and clarity, the contextualized elements of your problem, the designation of the objectives and means of investigation, as well as the implementation methods and the related contractual guarantees.


Whatever the situation, we always ensure that our proposals are part of a return on investment dynamic and work to ensure that our services generate profits and create values and advantages.

The tariff GUARANTEES of the agency PROCAP DETECTIVE


  • Study and Quote totally free

  • Unlimited appointments and consultation

  • Free kilometric envelope

  • Preparation of “Final Report” included - Unlimited interim reports

  • ​A budget known in advance (one mission = one budget)

  • Customized packages, fully customized and adjusted to the needs of the mission

  • Payment facilities (up to 4 times free of charge)

  • Competitive and decreasing rates

  • No rate increase (for night time, weekend or holiday)

  • Guarantee of non-deflation of fees - Respect of the customer budget

  • Enhanced transparency guarantees: detailed quotation, agreement and invoice

  • Personalized support and follow-up, 24/7

détective privé honoraires

Price base - PROCAP DETECTIVE Agency

détective privé tarification à l'heure

Hourly pricing

€79.00 excl. tax/hour

“Hourly pricing” is appropriate and proposed for missions where the volume of hours, to achieve the objectives, is easily quantifiable and known in advance.

The minimum session is 5 hours. The hourly rate decreases by 5% for every 10 hours.

Example: Surveillance & shadowing over targeted times

détective privé tarification journalière

Daily pricing

€659.00 excl. tax/day

The “daily rate” is appropriate and proposed for missions requiring continuous availability of the investigating agent and/or the actual volume of hours is unknown in advance.

The daily rate decreases by 5% for every 3 days.

Example: Continuous weekly monitoring

détective privé tarification au projet ou sur devis

Project Pricing


Project pricing is appropriate and proposed for missions where the total time allocated is unknown in advance or for mixed investigations requiring the implementation of multiple actions (field monitoring + investigations + other operations).

Example: Person search, credit check, Scam, Breach of trust, etc.

Coverage of investigation costs by the opposing party (under article 700 of the Code of Civil Procedure)


In the context of civil and commercial procedures, it is possible to request reimbursement of all or part of the investigation costs from the opposing party on the basis of article 700 of the code of civil procedure relating to irrecoverable costs, this is i.e. not included in costs.


In two judgments of the Court of Appeal (CA Paris 01/29/1988 and 12/22/2000) and a decision of the commercial court (TC Créteil 01/27/1999) the request for reimbursement of the private detective's fees was accepted. The judges considered that the latter's investigations were necessary to ensure the defense of the applicant party. This request for payment of sums by the opposing party is open and commonly used for the costs of bailiffs, lawyers and legal experts.


PROCAP DETECTIVE has the legal skills necessary to provide you with any useful help or advice in the context of a request to cover investigation costs by the opposing party. Do not hesitate to contact us.

agence procap detective toulon détective privé agréé enquêtes investigations surveillances

PROCAP DETECTIVE is here to meet you and study your project

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