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détective privé pour enquête sur radicalisation en milieu professionnel

Radicalization in business

Private detective approved for investigation into radicalization in professional environments

Radicalization in business

How PROCAP DETECTIVE can help you

We research and establish evidence of radicalization in business so that you can take legal action, effectively defend your interests and protect your structure.


Are you facing a situation of radicalization? Do you suspect an employee of belonging to a group likely to represent a threat? The investigations we carry out are carried out in strict compliance with the law; they aim not only to detect and observe signals of radicalization, but also to assess the degree of threat given the nature of the group and the involvement of the radicalized subject. Our field investigations borrow methods and tools from the world of intelligence. They are carried out with absolute discretion and sanctioned by written and detailed reports.


Radicalization, whether religious, sectarian or ideological, poses several challenges for businesses: security, economic and social. Indeed, radicalization phenomena pose real threats to businesses regarding the security of property and people, disrupt economic growth and functioning, and finally, also influence the management of human resources and more generally relationships within the structure.


Companies play a major societal role and are increasingly taking part, internally and in their external relations, in the fight and prevention of radicalization phenomena. A proactive approach necessarily requires a prevention policy based on relevant information, rapid detection of weak signals and an acute understanding of individual, social and cultural indicators of radicalization.

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