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Acknowledgment of termination of employment contract

Approved private detective for investigation into acknowledgment of termination of employment contract

Acknowledgment of termination of employment contract

How PROCAP DETECTIVE can help you

We look for and establish evidence of an unwarranted breach of contract so that you can take legal action and effectively defend your interests

Are you faced with a breach of employment contract that you consider unjustified? Do you suspect your employee is using this procedure to mask a resignation or to harm you? Do you feel that the reasons for taking action are unfair competition?


The taking of note of the termination of the employment contract by an employee is a mode of termination of the employment contract at the employee’s own initiative because of facts that he accuses his employer, making it impossible to maintain it within the company. A purely jurisprudential concept, the taking of an act produces the same effects as a dismissal without a real and serious cause if the facts invoked justify it, but, otherwise, it amounts to resignation.


An act declared as justified can have serious consequences for the company. The employer is obliged to pay the employee severance, paid leave, notice, unjustified dismissal, as well as bonuses. If, on the other hand, the act is declared unjustified, the resigning employee is liable to the employer for compensation for unpaid notice.


It sometimes happens that a deed masks a fraudulent situation of unfair competition. The resigning employee uses this procedure to hide a hiring project from a competitor. The use of a private detective is relevant in order to check the real motivations of the employee and detect a situation of debauchery or disorganization.


PROCAP DETECTIVE has the necessary legal and technical skills to assist you in your procedure. We may be required to determine the real causes of the taking of action, and look for if there is an attempt by your employee to harm or unfair competition.

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