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Abuse of weakness

Private detective approved for investigation into abuse of weakness

Abuse of weakness

How PROCAP DETECTIVE can help you

We seek and establish evidence of abuse of weakness or “fraudulent abuse of ignorance or weakness”, so that you can take legal action and effectively defend your interests

Abuse of weakness is defined as taking advantage of a particularly vulnerable person for the purpose of leading them to do acts or refraining from doing acts that are potentially harmful to them.


This offence is an offence punishable by Article 223-15-2 of the Penal Code and punishable by three years imprisonment and 375,000 euros in fines, with additional penalties depending on aggravating circumstances, for example, in cases of mental control or retention of subjection through a group, particularly sectarian.


The state of “vulnerability” is a central and determining element in this offence. Indeed, within the meaning of Article 223-15-2 of the Penal Code, a vulnerable person is one whose capacity for discernment is likely to be impaired because of his age, his physical or mental health, or a situation of psychological or physical subjection.


The provisions of the Penal Code designate certain categories of persons as vulnerable by definition. This is the case for a minor, a person who is sick, infirm or physically or mentally impaired, in a state of pregnancy, or a person in a state of psychological or physical subjection.


The offence is constituted on four elements:


  • Proof of the state of a particular vulnerability

  • Criminal evidence

  • Evidence of intent

  • Proof of prejudice.


The firm PROCAP DETECTIVE is competent to help you in the constitution of evidence of abuse of weakness, but also in the context of prevention by bringing you any element of verified information concerning the degree of risk that constitutes a person, detect situations of manipulation, or detect attempts at subjection.


Our investigations and findings are carried out in absolute discretion, and allow you either to anticipate breaches before they occur, or simply for legal action.

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