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Compensatory benefit & Support

Approved private investigator for investigation into compensatory benefits and support

Compensatory Benefit & Support

How PROCAP DETECTIVE can help you

We look for and establish evidence in an application or review for a compensatory benefit and support so that you can effectively defend your interests after divorce

The compensatory benefit is a sum of money paid to one of the spouses in the form of a capital or a pension to compensate for the change in standard of living caused by the breakdown of the marriage (art. 270 of the Civil Code). The compensatory benefit is ordered by the Family Court, as part of the settlement of the effects of divorce, and decided taking into account the separate resources of the spouses, the choices made during the conjugal life, and predictable disparities likely to arise as a result of the breach.


Child support, which is not limited to divorce or married couples, is paid to the parent with whom the child ordinarily resides and who has primary custody of the child; its amount varies according to the resources of the parents and the needs of the children. Child support is intended exclusively to support the children.


What to do when a husband lies about his income during a divorce? It is common for a spouse to try to hide his or her income in order to change the amount of support or compensatory benefits.


Whether for negotiations, modifications, revaluation, revision, or recovery, the diligences carried out by the firm PROCAP DETECTIVE are intended to gather all the evidence relating to the resources and the complete and real solvency of the other spouse: personal situation, professional activity, sources of income, valuation of assets, existence of debts, participations and level of recoverability. Depending on the situation and the state of the proceedings, we can also investigate whether there is a fraudulent desire on the part of your spouse (e) to organize his insolvency or a concealment of assets.

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