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détective privé pour recherche de personne disparue

Disappearance of person

Private detective approved for search of missing person

Missing Persons Search

How PROCAP DETECTIVE can help you


Missing persons of a worrying nature

Your minor child or an adult relative has disappeared and you consider that his disappearance is of a worrying nature? It should be noted that, whatever the circumstances, the disappearance of a minor is always described as worrying, even if it would be the result of a fugue. With regard to the disappearance of a person of full age, you must provide proof of the worrying nature, either because of the circumstances surrounding the disappearance, or the age and physical and mental health of the missing person.


The worrying disappearances are of full competence of the official police and gendarmerie services. They act within the framework of the provisions of Articles 26 of Law 95-73 of 21 January 1995 on security, amended by Law 2002-1138 of 9 September 2002 and 74-1 of the Code of Criminal Procedure.


As such, and in order not to hinder judicial research, the firm PROCAP DETECTIVE does not intervene during the entire judicial phase of the research. If your minor child disappears, we advise you to contact the nearest police station or gendarmerie company as soon as possible.


However, we can assist you if official searches result in unsuccessful results, or if your child is presumed to be abroad, or if you consider it necessary to complete the judicial inquiry by providing information likely to contribute to the manifestation of the truth and the discovery of the missing person.

Voluntary disappearance of an adulte

There are nearly 5,000 cases of voluntary disappearance of adults in France. The causes are extremely varied, they can be related to family conflicts, or a desire for emancipation of young adults as well as parents guilty of the crime of family abandonment. It also happens that the disappearances of adults are caused by a socio-emotional precariousness causing individuals to sink into alcoholism, drugs, marginalization or wandering.

There is currently no special mechanism to search for missing adults voluntarily and respond to the suffering of families. The search procedure in the interest of families (RIF), repealed in 2013, is not replaced by any legal mechanism, to the great displeasure of families, relatives, and associations of assistance to victims.

Today, it is the private research detectives who take charge of the research in the interest of families.

PROCAP DETECTIVE has the human and professional skills to help you in the search for your loved one. Depending on the situation, we may have to physically locate the person sought, but also determine whether the circumstances of the disappearance do not give rise to a judicial requalification of the disappearance.

The disappearance of anyone is a delicate subject, we approach it with you in all humanity, without false hopes, but with determination and full dedication.

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