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Heritage search

Private investigator approved for search of seizable assets

Heritage search

How PROCAP DETECTIVE can help you

We carry out wealth research so that you can collect your debts and safeguard your wealth interests

Do you want to establish the creditworthiness of your debtor and determine his assets for seizure? Do you have a debt and would like to assess the chances of recovery or identify the assets for recovery?


Depending on the state of the proceedings, we provide the creditor with the updated solvency information of the debtor, such as:


  • Determination of personal situation and matrimonial regime

  • Search for professional activity or employer

  • Search for land and real estate

  • Identification of the bank direct debit

  • Search for movable assets (vehicle, valuables)

  • Search for financial assets and equity investmentss

  • Business Intelligence

  • Search for existing debts, and analysis of the property situation


Our investigations make it possible to assess the solvency of a natural or legal person, to determine its current situation, and to enlighten the creditor on the opportunities of execution and recoverability.

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