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détective privé rupture abusive contrat commercial

Violation of commercial contract

Approved private investigator for investigation into abusive termination of commercial relationship

Violation of commercial contract

How PROCAP DETECTIVE can help you

We seek and establish evidence of abusive breach of commercial contract so that you can take legal action and effectively defend your interests

Are you encountering a harmful situation related to an abusive breach of commercial contract? Your co-contractor has not respected his contractual commitments?


The abusive breach of a commercial contract may give rise to legal action when it has not complied with the conditions required, either by law or by the commitments provided for in the contract (notice, termination formalism, prior conciliation)in violation of current (including tacit) commercial practices.


As a general rule, the conditions of termination or breach of commercial contract are provided for in the agreement. Nevertheless, it sometimes happens that a party does not respect its commitments and brutally breaks an ongoing contract, without respecting the agreed termination conditions, professional practices or the imposed formalism. Worse still, a brutal breach of contract can, in some cases, mask a fraudulent intention to harm the contractor, to impose an unfair imbalance, blackmail or a situation of dominance in order to form a monopoly and thus restrict its freedom to undertake.


As investigative professionals, PROCAP DETECTIVE has the necessary skills that will help you in establishing proof of an abusive breach of contract, and whether the other party should perform acts of unfair competition, restrictive practices of competition or any harmful acts.


Our expertise in the field of evidence administration and field investigation is a strong lever for success allowing you to assert your rights and defend your interests effectively before civil and commercial courts.

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