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détective privé pour enquête sur pratiques anti-concurrentielles

Anti-competitive practices

Private investigator approved for investigation into anti-competitive practices

Anti-competitive practices

How PROCAP DETECTIVE can help you

We seek and establish evidence of anti-competitive practices so that you can take legal action and effectively defend your interests

An anti-competitive practice refers to any behaviour, concerted action, conventions, express or tacit agreements or coalitions, emanating from one or more undertakings, which distort, hinder or destroy the normal play of competition. Restrictive practices of competition are acts which tend to create an imbalance between economic partners. Anti-competitive practices and restrictive competition practices are covered respectively by Articles 420-1 and 442-1 of the French Commercial Code.


Articles 420-1 et seq. of the French Commercial Code set out a list of prohibited anti-competitive actions. Are thus prohibited:


  • Agreements to limit market access and the free exercise of competition

  • Artificially distort pricing

  • Monopolistic arrangement to restrict or control production, investment and market channels

  • Abuse of dominant position

  • Offers and practices of unduly low prices

Restrictive practices are characterised by:


  • Significant imbalances in trade relations (dominant/dominated)

  • Obtaining undue economic benefits, under threat of a commercial relationship breakdown

  • Brutal and unjustified breaches of commercial contracts

  • Monopoly, dominant position, predatory pricing


As investigative professionals, the services of PROCAP DETECTIVE may be relevant, particularly in the following situations:


  • Detect, collect and gather evidence of anti-competitive or restrictive practices for reporting to the competent authorities (DGCCRF, ADLC)

  • Search for elements of individual participation in illegal cartels or commercial actions

  • Prepare circumstantial reports of meetings, appointments, agreements, negotiations, etc.


Our mobility, independence and responsiveness are a real asset in the fight and reporting of anti-competitive practices, and allow you to assert your rights and safeguard your interests.

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