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détective privé procap toulon enquête de recouvrement recherche de débiteur organisation d


Private investigator approved for counterfeiting investigation


How PROCAP DETECTIVE can help you

We research and establish evidence of Counterfeiting so that you can take legal action and effectively defend your interests

Do you run a company whose brand, products, tools and processes are counterfeit in France or abroad?


Counterfeiting is defined as the reproduction, imitation or total or partial use of an intellectual property right without the permission of its owner. It can be a trademark, model, patent, copyright, software or protected process. Counterfeiting is a criminal offence.


As accredited private investigators, we have the legal, technical and human skills necessary to enable you to establish the elements constituting the infringement offence and to assert your rights before the civil and criminal courts.


The purpose of our counterfeiting investigations is to identify:


  • Counterfeiters

  • The production chains

  • The sectors of recel and distribution

  • Identification of counterfeit products

Our investigative techniques are intrusive: we may use processes of infiltrations of networks of counterfeiters, surveillance and discreet surveillance, in order to obtain the intelligence or evidence to charge. Our interventions are mostly a preliminary to the intervention of the official services (police, gendarmerie, customs) for the purpose of finding infringements and arresting perpetrators.

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