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détective privé pour enquête sur abus de confiance en entreprise

Breach of trust in business

Approved private investigator for investigation into breach of trust in a company

Breach of trust in business

How PROCAP DETECTIVE can help you

We research and establish evidence of breach of trust in a professional environment so that you can take legal action and effectively defend your interests

Misappropriation of working time, misappropriation of customers, company property and equipment, collection into the personal account of payments from customers, misappropriation of company assets, purchases of personal property with employer funds, etc. Some dishonest employees may be tempted to misappropriate company assets for their own benefit. In both civil and criminal cases, the penalties for such behavior can have serious consequences, under the offense of breach of trust.


The offense of breach of trust is defined in article 314-1 of the Penal Code, as “the act by a person of misappropriating, to the detriment of others, funds, values or any property which has been given to him and that she agreed to return them, represent them or make a specific use of them.” Breach of trust is punishable by three years' imprisonment and a fine of 375,000 euros.


In the case of a breach of trust committed by an employee, the employer is justified, in addition to the claim for damages for the harm suffered, in demanding the criminal conviction of the perpetrator and in proceeding with his dismissal by invoking “serious misconduct”, or even “gross misconduct” in certain cases and if the particularly serious circumstances justify it, in particular if it is demonstrated that the employee acted with the intention of harming the employer.


You suspect one or more employees of breach of trust , PROCAP DETECTIVE has the legal, human and technical skills necessary to assist you in resolving your case. Our investigation techniques aim to gather evidence of the offense committed, identify the perpetrators, and determine the modus operandi implemented.

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