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détective privé pour enquête sur vol et détournement de biens publics

Theft and misappropriation of public property

Private detective approved for investigation of theft and misappropriation of public property

Theft and misappropriation of public property

How PROCAP DETECTIVE can help you

We seek and establish evidence of Theft and Misappropriation of public property or assets so that you can take legal action and effectively defend the interests of the community

Theft is a criminal offense. Defined in article 311-1 of the Penal Code as "the fraudulent removal of another person's property", it is punishable by 3 years' imprisonment and a fine of 45,000 euros. This initial sentence is subject to significant increases, depending on the circumstances, up to life imprisonment for the most serious thefts. Complicity to theft is also punishable.


Theft committed by a public official in the exercise of his duties constitutes a serious offense which may lead, concomitantly, to a decision of disciplinary measures on the part of the administration against him, but also give rise to criminal proceedings.


You suspect an agent of theft or complicity in theft, PROCAP DETECTIVE has the legal, human and technical skills necessary to assist you in resolving an internal or external theft problem. Our investigation techniques aim to characterize the material elements of the offense, to identify the perpetrators, and to determine the modus operandi implemented.

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