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Unauthorized multiple employment

Approved private detective for investigation into unauthorized multiple employment

Unauthorized multiple employment

How PROCAP DETECTIVE can help you

We research and establish evidence of unauthorized multiple employment so that you can take legal action and effectively defend the interests of the community.

In principle, a civil servant must devote his entire professional activity to the tasks entrusted to him. Except for exceptions legally provided for and subject to authorization from the hierarchical authority on which he depends, he cannot exercise, in a professional capacity, a lucrative private activity of any nature whatsoever. It happens that a civil servant does not respect the rules of non-cumulation, which not only constitutes a violation of his obligations, but also causes harm to the community.


You suspect an agent of occupying or pursuing an unauthorized lucrative private activity, or incompatible with his duties, we can help you gather the material evidence useful for revealing the truth. We may be required to carry out static or dynamic surveillance for the purposes of establishing circumstantial findings, search for, identify and collect witnesses, prepare and organize an intervention by a bailiff to freeze material elements or make an interpellative summons. We act within the strict limits of the law, for a convincing and producible result in court.

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