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détective privé pour enquête sur congé maladie abusif

Unfair sick leave

Approved private investigator for investigation into abusive sick leave

Unfair sick leave

How PROCAP DETECTIVE can help you

We research and establish evidence of abusive sick leave so that you can take legal action and effectively defend the interests of the community

A civil service agent who is unable to work due to illness or accident benefits from rights (in particular maintenance of remuneration, bonuses and allowances), but he is also bound by obligations, set out in the General Civil Service Code (transmission of notice of work stoppage within 48 hours, periodic medical examination, declaration in the event of change of residence, medical check-up).


Your agent is placed on leave due to illness or work accident and you suspect irregularities, or even worse, a situation of obvious fraud (lying about physical condition, carrying out a concealed lucrative activity, etc.). In the event of suspicion of abuse, it is up to the hierarchical authority to provide proof of the facts reported.


As private detectives with state approval, we can help the community confirm or refute its suspicions, and if necessary provide proof of the facts reported. Our investigations are carried out in strict compliance with the rules of law and procedure; our reports are admissible according to constant administrative jurisprudence.

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