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détective privé pour enquête sur fréquentations et train de vie

Attendance & Lifestyle

Approved private detective for investigation into dating and lifestyle

Attendance and lifestyle

How PROCAP DETECTIVE can help you

We research the elements of attendance and lifestyle so that you can effectively defend your interests and make the right decisions

Do you have a legitimate interest in knowing a person's habits, real lifestyle or who they associate with?


Whether for all purposes of legal proceedings or as part of a preventive approach to identified risks or abuses, the discreet investigations that we carry out are intended to collect the maximum amount of visual information used to draw up a faithful statement of the lifestyle of the person concerned, their habits, their actual level and living conditions, as well as the individual elements which make up their circle of attendance.

Experienced in surveillance and shadowing techniques, we carry out investigations with extreme discretion, in order to offer the most faithful, objective and complete descriptive result possible. Our investigations take the form of submitting detailed and detailed reports, supported by photographs and videos crystallizing the facts observed.

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