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Your detective agency - Since 2012

Skills and values to defend your interests

Our history

Founded in 2012, the agency PROCAP DETECTIVE is located at 9, Boulevard de Strasbourg - 83000 TOULON, building "Paris-France", close to the Place de la Liberté. PROCAP DETECTIVE carries out the regulated and exclusive activity of "private law detective-investigators". It benefits, in accordance with the provisions of Book VI - Title II of the Internal Security Code (CSI), from an Authorization to practice issued by the National Council of Private Security Activities (CNAPS). Its Director holds the Personal Accreditation of the Executive Officer and the Compulsory Professional Card.

Article L621-1 of the Internal Security Code defines the profession of private investigator as "the liberal activity which consists for a person to collect, even to report its quality nor to reveal the object of its mission, information or information intended for third parties, in order to defend their interests".

PROCAP DETECTIVE is a private detective agency operating mainly in the Var department and the entire PACA Region, but it can also intervene throughout the national territory and abroad. We have expertise and investigative capacity that can cover all areas of law, as well as a wide range of legal situations or litigation. Due to its geographical proximity, the agency PROCAP DETECTIVE often intervenes in the municipalities of Toulon, Draguignan, Fréjus-Saint-Rapahël or Saint-Tropez. With a perfect knowledge of the French Riviera and Provence, the agency PROCAP DETECTIVE operates regularly in the departments of Bouches-du-Rhônes, Alpes-Maritimes, Alpes-de-Haute-Provence, but also in the Hautes-Alpes and Vaucluse.


The agency PROCAP DETECTIVE can be requested by any person, natural or legal, French or foreign, private or public law, wishing to establish admissible evidence in the context of a legal action for the protection of its legitimate interests, or obtain conclusive and well-documented information for the purpose of removing doubt about a particular situation or person.

détective privé toulon var région paca procap detective enquête surveillance preuve
agence de détective privé procap détective

Our approach to the investigation profession

Our experience leads us to think that to carry out an investigation project and respond efficiently to client expectations, a private detective must offer more than the routine use of traditional rules and information tools: he must think outside the box. , be creative, experienced, by mobilizing your legal knowledge and technical skills without limiting yourself to the most obvious solutions.

As investigation professionals, we must demonstrate ingenuity, anticipation and intelligence in order to achieve objectives and respond effectively to our clients' issues. Our credo: provide totally relevant solutions that provide real added value and constitute a strong lever for success in asserting a right or defending an interest.

In this regard, the PROCAP DETECTIVE agency adopts a posture that aims to be modern, efficient and up to the situations encountered. Determined in the field of investigation, we demonstrate reactivity and a great sense of rigor, while cultivating a state of mind focused on commitment and the acquisition of results.

Considering that each situation is unique, we work to ensure that our legal, strategic or operational responses are just as unique. Consequently, we always integrate the specificities of our customers, their constraints and expectations, into our processes, and offer completely contextualized and personalized solutions. We insist on the quality monitoring and support we want, and clearly aim for the success of our clients by ensuring our commitments and ensuring that our solutions are, for them, meaningful and generate value.

​Our feedback leads us to believe that such an approach proves to be a factor of success and success for our clients' causes.

The director

The PROCAP DETECTIVE agency is managed by Mr. Allal GUERROUMI, an approved private law investigator, a graduate of higher education and reformed training for private law detective-investigators. Mr. Allal GUERROUMI was also an instructor-speaker in the training of private detectives at the University of Nîmes.

In 2012, Mr. GUERROUMI founded the PROCAP DETECTIVE agency and carries out numerous investigations on behalf of individuals, businesses, but also for associations and legal professionals. He also has the privilege of participating in notable missions and regularly collaborates with numerous investigative firms, both national and foreign, on various issues. He has to his credit more than a hundred successfully carried out investigations, these relating to civil, criminal and also commercial law.

Since his beginnings in 2012, Mr. GUERROUMI has built a solid network of multidisciplinary and transversal skills at the regional, national and international levels, allowing him to respond efficiently to customer expectations.

The combination of stubborn field work and enriching encounters on a human and professional level has led Mr. GUERROUMI to increasingly expand his investigative capabilities and refine the performance of his professional expertise.

Passionate about his profession, Mr. GUERROUMI has always been committed to striving for excellence and success for his clients, and considers talent, courage and surpassing oneself as essential qualities in this profession. Even today, he continues this commitment and bases it more than ever on a constantly maintained culture of results, as well as on the always assured trust placed in him by his clients.

direction de l'agence procap détective toulon
les valeurs de l'agence procap detective

Know-how, but also Values

Because our business leads us to evolve in the sensitive field of intelligence, we adhere to human, professional and ethical values that serve as a spearhead in the realization of our business and are a pledge of seriousness and commitment toto our clients: discretion, professionalism, loyalty, integrity and transparency are our watchwords and the foundations of our action.

By entrusting us with their business, our customers trust us, and the loyalty we owe them in return is absolute and guaranteed by our quality conduct. Our experience confirms us that this relationship of trust is also a factor of success and is essential to the success of a business.

We also make respect for our commitments a cardinal fact. Whatever the situation, we ensure our mission with «seriousness», «dedication» and «rigor», and implement all the means, methods, techniques, knowledge and postures inherent to our business to safeguard and defend the interests of our customers.


Always considering the human dimension underlying each case, we adhere to the values of respect, listening, probity and honesty, and ensure at all times that our advice and actions operate and are consistent with these principles.


Our areas of intervention

The agency PROCAP DETECTIVE has its headquarters in TOULON, at 9, Boulevard de Strasbourg, near the Place de la Liberté.


PROCAP DETECTIVE regularly intervenes throughout the metropolitan territory, and more prominently on the departments comprising the Provence Alpes Côte d'Azur region: private detective Var, private detective Bouches-du-Rhône, private detective Vaucluse, private detective Alpes-Maritimes, private detective Hautes-Alpes, private detective Alpes-de-Haute-Provence.

In addition to our high mobility, we also have specific skills and connections (local correspondents) overseas and abroad, including:

French Antilles: Guadeloupe - Martinique - Saint-Martin - Saint-Barthélemy - Guyana - Reunion

Europe: Spain - Italy - Switzerland - Belgium - Luxembourg - Poland - Czech Republic

North America: USA and Canada

North Africa and Maghreb: (Morocco-Algeria-Tunisia)

Golf Country: United Arab Emirates

Cities and towns in the Var where we work most often: ToulonLa Seyne-sur-MerSix-Fours-Les Plages Sanary-sur-MerBandolSaint-Cyr-sur-MerLa Ciotat -Cassis - La GardeLa Valette-du-Var - CarqueiranneLe Pradet - HyèresOllioulesLa CrauSainte-MaximeSignes - Roquebrune-sur-Argens - CogolinFréjusDraguignan Saint-RaphaëlBrignolesLe MuySaint-TropezLorgues Le LavandouVidauban Saint-Maximin-la-Sainte-BaumeGrimaudCavalaire-sur-Mer

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